DIY Vintage Button Flowers

As we all know, fresh flowers can instantly brighten a room.  I would love to have fresh flowers in every room of my home, but since that can get expensive I often use handmade flowers instead. Handmade flowers can bring a pop of color and visual interest to a room and unlike real flowers have a long “shelf life.”

Vintage Button FlowersToday, I’ll show you how to make a bouquet of fabric poppies using vintage buttons.  These poppies were inspired by my grandmother’s collection of brown vintage buttons that my mom gave to me.  The designs on the buttons remind me of the centers of poppies. My goal was to create a project to display and highlight the beauty of the buttons.

Vintage Button FlowersI am very pleased with the results and am happy to have the buttons out of their dusty old box so that their beauty can be enjoyed.

First, I cut out four petals for each flower from a synthetic blend fabric.  I used a fabric I found in the lining section of a fabric store.  Cut the petals so that each is a bit different.  Each petal should be about 4 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ and the fabric grain should run vertically on each petal to make the petals look more natural.

PetalI held each petal near a candle flame to melt the edges.  This gives the petals a nice shape and prevents the fabric from fraying.

PetalI used a doubled up piece of yellow thread with a knot tied near the end to stitch a running stitch through a petal.

PetalI did the same with the remaining three petals. Once all four petals were on the thread, I took the thread back through the first petal where I started the stitches.Petals

I pulled the thread to make a ring of petals and tied it off.  Note: I left a little slack in the thread for most of the flowers, but pulled it taut in a few to make buds.

PetalsI used a piece of the 22 gauge wire to attach the button to the 16 gauge wire stem.

Flower Stem and Center

I secured the wire and button with floral tape. (Floral tape has a slight stretch.  To use, pull the tape taut and wrap it around the wire.)

Securing the Wire and Button with TapeThreaded the ring of petals onto the wire followed by a circle of green felt.  Cut a small slit in the center of the felt circle.  The circle was approximately the size of the button.

Assembling PoppySlid the felt circle and ring of petals so that they were against the button.  Wrapped the wire stem with floral tape to secure.

Cut leaf shapes from green felt.

LeavesPlaced a piece of 16 gauge wire on top of each leaf.  Carefully sewed a zigzag stitch with gold thread over the wire to secure the wire to the felt leaf.  Covered the showing wire with floral tape.

Poppy Leaves Arranged the flowers and leaves in a vase with glass stones.

Vintage Button FlowersVintage Button Flowers

To make the vintage button flowers, I used:


  • Yellow-gold synthetic fabric lining
  • Green floral wire (16 gauge roll and 22 gauge pieces)
  • Brown vintage buttons
  • Green felt (30% wool)
  • Green floral tape
  • Scissors (not shown)
  • Thread (gold and yellow (not shown))
  • Sewing machine (not shown)
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