Vacation Photo Book

When I go on vacation I tend to take A LOT of photos, but when I get home my photos are usually relegated to the depths of my SD card or, if they are lucky, my hard drive. With all the post vacation tasks waiting for me when I get home–sorting and responding to email, catching up at work, unpacking from vacation, etc.–doing something with my photos is often simply not a priority.  I have tried to make vacation scrapbooks in the past, but never seem to be able to actually finish a book. (This is a pervasive problem as I have been married almost two years and I still haven’t gotten around to making my wedding album!)

For my recent California vacation (which I blogged about here and here) I decided to break this vicious cycle and create a quick photo book of vacation highlights.

Vacation PhotobookTo help prevent this from turning into a never ending project, I set the bar for the book very low; the book only had to be better than its alternative–a file of vacation photos on my computer.  I also set a time limit for myself to make the book as I know how easy it is to be bogged down in endless style choices and layouts.

Since I knew the longer I waited to do this the less likely it was I’d get it done, the day after I got home from vacation I dragged myself out of bed to start work on my vacation album. I was still a bit sleepy due to the time change so I grabbed a large cup of coffee before heading to the couch to work on my vacation album.

Vacation Photobook - InsideI transferred all of my photos from my cameras to my computer.  Then I quickly clicked through my photos deleting any photos that were junk and transferring the best photos into a separate vacation file. I uploaded my photo book photos to the My Publisher program. (I was not paid or perked for using this program!)  I then laid out my photo book using the program.

Putting together my vacation photo album was a nice way to spend a little time reflecting on my vacation while it was still fresh in my mind and before getting back to the “real world.”

Vacation Photobook - InsideAlthough I finished the book within a day, I didn’t order it immediately as I wanted to review it after Jaime proofread it and I had set it aside for a few days.  I ordered the book and a little while later my book arrived in the mail.

Vacation Photobook - InsideIt may not be as unique as a handmade scrap book, but guess what? Unlike all of my lovely scrap books, it is done!

Vacation Photobook - InsideMaking this photo book was pretty painless and I just might be inspired to make additional vacation photo books.  Who knows, I might even be inspired to put together a family yearbook like the Petersiks over on Young House Love or, perhaps even, Jaime and my wedding album.

How do you organize and preserve your vacation photos in the digital age? I’d love it if you’d share in the comments.

I was not paid or perked for this post.  I just wanted to share my vacation photo book with you!

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Vacation Photo Book — 2 Comments

  1. I totally relate! I have 2 Smash books for vacations I took months ago and haven’t finished them yet. I also love the idea of you making an actual book, and that it helped get it done.

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