Recipe: Fresh Peach Cobbler

I bought a basket of beautiful fresh peaches during a recent trip to the farmers’ market. Since I managed to make it through the entire summer without making peach cobbler, I decided to take advantage of the tail end of peach season and make a cobbler.

PeachesThe peaches were not quite ripe, but the cooking softened the peaches and if I hadn’t known I never would have guessed that they were not quite ripe.

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A Summer Party & Ginger Lime Honeydew Skewers (Recipe)

While we were on vacation a couple of weeks ago, Jaime and I spent some time putting together a menu for a summer party.  We wanted to serve a summery menu of heavy hors d’oeuvres that would minimize–albeit not entirely eliminate–our oven use during the party.  We hosted the first of what we hope will be many gatherings in our new home this past weekend.  Here is what made our final menu–displayed on my DIY chalkboard:

Chalkboard menuThe sesame chicken, stuffed mushrooms, and prosciutto rolls all required baking, but we baked these at the very beginning of the party and then turned off the oven and kept them warm in chafing dishes.  We served some of our favorite recipes at this party and I plan to share many of the recipes here on this blog. Continue reading