Mini Cherry Pies

I’m still not sure what Jaime and I will be doing for the New Year, but I thought I’d share a couple of recipes that I think would make good desserts for a New Year’s Eve party.  These desserts are pretty and festive and easy to make.  First up: mini cherry pies.

Mini Cherry Pies

Unlike regular sized pies, these cute mini pies are a finger food so they are good for receptions and parties.

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Easy Oreo Truffle Recipe

Since Christmas Eve is tomorrow and it is officially last minute, I decided it was time to post a quick and easy dessert.  Jaime and I served these Oreo truffles at our holiday party.  Every time I walked by the dessert table the plate where these truffles had been was empty.  This was the most requested recipe at our gathering and one of the simplest.  I almost didn’t want to tell anyone just how easy these treats were to make, but I did and now I am going to share with you.

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