Finding Beauty

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more conscious of the beauty in the world around me.  While this may not seem related to either cooking or crafting, I see this resolution as being related to both of these pursuits. I craft and cook to create beauty and I see beauty as “the promise of happiness.”  Stendal,De L’Amour (1822).  I cook and craft to show others how much I care about them and to create the backdrop for what I hope will be happy memories, whether these memories are of celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas with family, a friend’s pregnancy, or a home cooked meal. I also think that this is part of the allure of others’ beautiful foods, crafts, and design and why I enjoy sites like Craftgawker and Pinterest so much.

Since one of my resolutions is to try to notice beauty more, occasionally I plan to share pictures of pretty things I see like the winter flowers I posted last week or this bird that Jaime and I saw on a river walk this weekend. Surprisingly, the bird did not fly away when I approached to take this picture! (Granted, there was a few feet of water and a large drop off between me and the bird.)

Bird on RockI hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend! I’ll be sharing at least one (hopefully two) recipes later this week and I hope that you’ll stop by to see what I have been cooking. In the meantime, I’d love it if you’d share why you cook or craft in the comments.

Craft Birds on Branch with Bead Leaves

We are still unpacking and settling into our new place, and despite the fact I told myself I wouldn’t start any craft projects until we were completely unpacked, I couldn’t resist taking a break from unpacking yesterday and creating a quick little project using some decorative birds I found at the dollar store.

Originally I envisioned displaying this project as a mobile or wall hanging.

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