Re-blooming Orchids*

I wish I could say that I have discovered the secret to getting orchids to re-bloom, but I haven’t.  These orchids re-bloomed in spite of my somewhat inconsistent care.

Last year, after my orchids had finished blooming, I cut off the old stems about half way down.  I watered them about once a week in the sink so that they could drain properly and I even remembered to fertilize them (once), but mostly I just left them alone to do their thing.  Most of the year that thing was hanging out as a couple of leaves in a pot, but for a couple of weeks in exchange for me not forgetting to water them too often they rewarded me with this:

Purple OrchidWhite OrchidSince I’ve already veered off topic for this post, I figured I might as well  keep going and share a few photos taken on my recent visit to the United States Botanic Garden’s annual orchid show.

Orchid US Botanic Garden, Washington, DC.

OrchidUS Botanic Garden, Washington, DC.

OrchidUS Botanic Garden, Washington, DC.

* What do re-blooming orchids have to do with cooking and crafts you ask? Well I admit not a lot, but scissors were involved.

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