Guest Post: It’s Cookie Time! (Part 2)

There is still time to make cookies before Christmas! I am thrilled to have my friend Nichelle back for a second guest post today.  This is the second of two flour free recipes that she is sharing.  If you missed her peppermint and chocolate meringues yesterday, you can check them out here.  

As a host, I feel it is important for a guest to have options.  Even if that guest has a gluten allergy and is coming to a cookie party.  So, after making minty meringues, I decided to go with an old faithful: crispy rice treats (with a little twist).  What’s the twist you ask?  Two words: Brown Butter.

Cookies!How’s that you ask?  Here’s how.

Crispy Rice Treats:
1 c. (2 sticks) unsalted butter
½ vanilla bean, split lengthwise
2 10 oz. bags of marshmallows
½ tsp (medium grain) sea salt (or kosher salt)
9 c. crispy rice cereal

Leftover dipping chocolate from the meringues

Ordinarily, I am a little lax about prepping before beginning a recipe, but it really helps here.  At the urging of the creator of this recipe, Joanne Chang in her lovely cookbook, Flour, I did prep.  First, I lined a 9- x 13-inch pan with parchment paper (you could butter or coat the pan with cooking spray). I also opened the packages of marshmallows, which becomes crucial later.

ButterI used a large (5 qt.) light pot to melt the butter (scraping, then adding the seeds into the butter) over low heat.  I let it go beyond the simple melting, until it started to foam, and looked like this (slightly out of focus, but you get the idea).

Melted ButterWhen the foaming starts, you know you are on your way to some delicious brown butter.  Here, I kept the heat between low and medium heat.  How will you know when the butter is browning?  As the foaming goes on, you will start to see little bits settling to the bottom of the pan and turning a light brown.  Once you see it start to look like this you’ll want to move quickly to get the marshmallows into the pan – that’s why I had those marshmallows at the ready.

Brown ButterI threw in the marshmallows and the salt and stirred vigorously over the low heat until the marshmallows were fully melted.

Once melted, I took the pan off of the heat and added the cereal, stirring to coat the cereal evenly.  I then transferred the mixture into the 9- x 13-inch pan, using the overhanging parchment paper to smooth the mixture out.

Crispy Rice TreatsAfter letting them cool for about an hour, I removed them from the pan, cut them into about 18 pieces, and then used the leftover dipping chocolate to drizzle across about half of them.

My guests raved about them.  Raved.  I think you’ll like them too.

Once again, a huge thank you to Marie for letting me descend upon her cyberspace!

Thank you Nichelle! These sound like a delicious twist on an old favorite and I look forward to making some soon.

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