Goodbye Washington, DC

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My husband and I are relocating further south – to South Carolina.  I will miss DC and all of its quirkiness (and my friends of course), but I am excited to be embarking on new adventures.  Living in the nation’s capital has been a fabulous experience and I have so many wonderful memories from my time here.  When I sat down to write this post, I knew I wanted to include some photos from my time in DC, but after flipping through the many photos I took during my time here, I realized that my photos do not even begin to capture what the city means to me.  But, because this is a blog and as such it needs pictures, in no particular order, here are some of my photos from my time in DC:

July 4th Fireworks on the National Mall – There is something magical about the 4th of July in DC.  There is so much patriotic excitement.  I love the fireworks display.  Staring up at dazzling fireworks coloring the night sky always makes me feel a little bit like a kid again.

Washington Monument and Fireworks
Snowmaggeodon and Snoverkill – The city came to a virtual standstill when back to back blizzards blanketed the city in snow.  I couldn’t convince a certain southerner to venture out, but I trekked down to the national mall to take some photos.  It was a bit surreal seeing Pennsylvania Avenue, which is usually bustling with activity, almost deserted, and people cross country skiing on the mall.
President Barak Obama’s Inauguration –  Despite security, crowds, street closures, metro schedule changes, long lines, and the cold, the excitement in the city was palpable. 

Cherry Blossoms – Fluffy pale pink clouds of blooms against a clear blue sky, a sign that spring has arrived.  I share more cherry blossom photos here.

Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal BasinTouring the White House — This last one isn’t a photo and I didn’t take it, it is a video from the White House website.  My husband and I had taken a late lunch to go to the White House to see the holiday decorations.  Friends later alerted us to links for two videos, in which we (very briefly) appear.  (Christmas at the White House 2009 (below) and A New Way to Tour the White House.)


Christmas at the White House 2009 | The White House.

So for now, so long DC . . .

Do you live in DC? Have you visited DC? If so, I’d love to hear your favorite things about the city.

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