DIY: Potted Paper Orchid

As you may have noticed, I’m a bit obsessed with paper flowers. While I love real flowers, they aren’t always practical as they are prone to wilting and can be expensive.

Even potted orchids, which are among my favorite house plants, eventually fade. A couple of years ago when a bloom fell off one of my orchids I used the fallen blossom to create a template to make coffee filter orchids.

Today’s project uses that same template, but replaces the coffee filters with double sided crepe paper.

To make the paper orchid I used the following:

Double sided crepe paper sheets
Rhinestone brad
Orchid template
Hot glue gun and glue (not shown)
Floral foam
Miniature terra-cotta pot
Acrylic craft paint
Paint brush
Dried moss

First, I painted the pot with the acrylic paint.

I printed the orchid template onto a piece of copy paper and cut it out.

I then used the template to cut the petals for my paper orchid out of crepe paper.  (The crepe paper grain should run vertically on the petals.)

I assembled the petals into the shape of an orchid flower and secured the petals with a rhinestone brad.

I then used a marker to add some detail to the flower.

I  gently stretched the crepe paper to give it a more realistic flower shape and cut a small piece of green paper to form the septal.

I hot glued a piece of floral wire to the back of the flower. While the glue was still wet I attached the septal to hide the glue. (Originally, I tried to use white craft glue but it was not strong enough and made the colors bleed from the craft paper.)

I stuck a piece of floral foam into the pot and placed the wire stem into the foam.

I cut out two leaf shapes from green crepe paper and stretched them gently to give them shape.

I stuck the ends of the crepe paper leaves in the floral foam and arranged a bit of moss around the leaves.

I think that these orchids would make cute favors for a bridal shower, wedding, or baby shower. A place-card could be added to the pot for a fun twist.


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