DIY Decoupage Collage Plate

Today I’ll show you how I transformed an inexpensive clear glass plate into a beautiful, unique piece of art using scraps of paper.

To make this decoupage collage plate, I raided our recycling bin and glued scraps of paper cut from old catalogs to a sheet of paper, which I then affixed to a glass plate using acrylic medium.  This plate is for decorative use only.  The plate is not washable as it is made with paper!

First, I went through a stack of old catalogs and pulled out pictures with blocks of color that fit my color scheme for the plate.  I decided to make a collage of a tree growing out of a field of grass, silhouetted against an evening sky so I pulled out pictures with blue for the sky, green for the grass, and brown wood for the tree.  I cut the pictures into strips approximately one-half by one and one-quarter inches.

I traced the outline of a clear glass plate onto two pieces of white copy paper with a pencil and then cut out the tracings.

I affixed the green and blue strips to the first copy paper cutout to make sections of the collage corresponding to the grass and the sky:  I marked off the part of the paper corresponding to the bottom border of the plate. I then glued green paper strips to this part of the paper in rows using a glue stick.  I covered the rest of the copy paper cutout with blue paper strips. I trimmed any strips that hung over the edge of the paper.

On the second copy paper cutout I drew a silhouette of a tree.  I then glued the brown paper strips to the other side of the cutout (the side without the drawing) in rows.  I cut out my tree drawing and glued it on top of the paper covered with the blue and green strips.

I cleaned the clear glass plate with vinegar to remove any dirt and fingerprints.

I used a paint brush to paint acrylic medium over the top of my collage.  While the acyclic medium was still wet I placed the glass plate on top of the collage.   I used the back of a spoon to carefully smooth our wrinkles in my collage and air bubbles between the plate and the collage.

I let the plate dry over night.  I then coated the back of the collage with three coats of acrylic medium, letting it dry between coats.

I traced the plate onto a piece of heavy gold-colored wrapping paper, cut out the tracing, and using acrylic medium, affixed the paper to the back of the plate.  I coated the paper backing with three coats of acrylic medium, letting it dry between coats.  Enjoy!

DIY Decoupage Collage Plate To make the plate, I used the following:

  • Clear glass plate
  • Old catalogs
  • 2 sheets copy paper
  • Pencil (not shown)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic medium
  • Paint brush (not shown)
  • Gold wrapping paper (not shown)


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DIY Decoupage Collage Plate — 11 Comments

  1. Wow, I really want to try making something like this! It looks like a perfect homemade present for someone, and you break it down to make it sound do-able!

  2. Wow this is totally amazing! I love the look; I wonder if you could coat it in some sort of polycrylic or something to make it washable…maybe not dishwasher safe, but at least safe to wipe off with a damp sponge or something. Thanks so much for linking this up to The Fun In Functional!

  3. Marie,
    This is beautiful! I love the color scheme and the tree you drew. Thanks so much for stopping by Creative Thursday last week. I couldn’t do these parties without you. Can’t wait to see what you link up this week. Have a great week.

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