DIY Christmas Ornaments: Plastic Utensil Snowflakes

Hi, I hope that everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving this past week had a wonderful holiday! I had a fun holiday spending time with family and cooking up a storm in the Atlanta area. My husband was in charge of making macaroni and cheese, potato salad, and stuffing and I was responsible for red velvet cupcakes, sweet potato dinner rolls, and sweet potato cinnamon breakfast rolls (for the morning after Thanksgiving). We also helped my father-in-law brine a turkey. The turkey ended up being the one of the best turkeys that I have ever had, which is saying a lot because I generally dislike turkey and fill up on sides on Thanksgiving.

Although I have been posting Christmas ornaments and crafts for a couple of weeks now, now that Thanksgiving is over I am in full Christmas craft mode! Today I am excited to be visiting Allison at A Glimpse Inside Blog.

I hope that you’ll stop by Allison’s blog to see how I transformed silver colored plastic utensils from Thanksgiving dinner into snowflake Christmas tree ornaments.

DIY Snowflake Christmas Ornaments from Plastic Utensils

Come back later this week to see what else I have been working on.

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DIY Christmas Ornaments: Plastic Utensil Snowflakes — 10 Comments

  1. I love the snowflakes but is there a way to print it, do you have weekly newsletter, I don’t do facebook or anything?

  2. Love this fancy tree decoration with the plastic flatware. I have looked all over the internet for the fancy handled plastic flatware but there is none to be found. It is all just straight and simple looking. Any ideas?

    • Hi Jane, Sorry for the delay in my response. I hope you’ve found some plastic utensils! The stores around me only seem to carry them for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve seen them at grocery stores, big box retailers, and party supply stores. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Judy! I have a bunch of projects I’ve completed, but I haven’t had the time to write them up. My new little one has been keeping me on my toes! If you subscribe to my feed you’ll receive any new posts by email.

  3. Thank you for the great idea for snowflakes…I love the idea of the plastic utensils for snowflakes & I was able to find them online identical to yours. The only difficulty I will have is I don’t know what kind of wire cutter you are referring to since I don’t have a man around to advice me. Perhaps when the utensils arrive, I “might’ have more of an idea. I have looked on Amazon & home depot but don’t know what I really need. Wish me luck, I guess. Mariana

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