Cut Chenille Baby Blanket

I had been admiring Anneliese’s heirloom cut chenille baby blanket over on the Aesthetic Nest for a while, when my husband Jaime suggested we make a version of this blanket.  Although Jaime often helps with projects that I am working on, it is pretty rare that he suggests we take on a craft project so I was very excited to make this with him.  This was an ambitious project for us as this was my third sewing project–the first two being clutches for my bridesmaids and our wedding programs.  Jaime had a bit more sewing experience having also sewn a pillow in sixth grade. Despite having so little sewing experience, we were thrilled with the results of this project.

Cut Chenille Baby BlanketThis blanket took A LOT of time.  The blanket is very heavy and soft and I think it would make a good play mat.

Cut Chenille Baby BlanketWe used the step by step directions from Aesthetic Nest with a few changes.  This post highlights the changes that we made.

We used Jomo Jungle Border Nursery Fabric with four pieces of cotton flannel in three colors (light blue (2 layers), light yellow-green, and a cream) from Joann’s.

Before starting this project we washed, dried, and ironed all of the fabrics. We cut the fabrics to approximately 44″ square. We then followed Anneliese’s directions through the quilting.

Cut Chenille Baby BlanketBecause we had used a lighter weight backing and four layers of flannel (instead of the three Anneliese used) we carefully cut through the outer three layers of flannel, leaving the printed cotton backing and the layer of flannel closest to the printed cotton backing to form the base of the blanket.  The chenille cutter was extremely helpful, but requires careful attention to avoid accidentally cutting the forth layer of flannel.

Cut Chenille Baby Blanket - Cutting the FlannelThe above photo shows a cut section of flannel next to an uncut section.

We then followed Anneliese’ directions up until the binding, but we used the binding as-is so our border is much thicker than Anneliese’s.

Cut Chenille Baby Blanket - After Cutting Flannel and WashingThe above photo shows a close up of the flannel after washing.

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Cut Chenille Baby Blanket — 7 Comments

  1. I have made two of these blankets thanks to Anneliese. But on my next one I will try backing in a cotton print because there are so many cute children’s prints. One question, is that a purchased binding? I usually buy one and add it but I’ve haven’t seen satin ones. Also prewashing isn’t necessary with all flannel, did you do that because you mixed fabrics? It’s beautiful and your tutorial is excellent. Dee

    • Hi Dee,
      Thanks! I purchased the binding from Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts. I’m new to sewing so I wasn’t sure if the fabric needed to be prewashed or not, but I didn’t want the fabrics to shrink differently or bleed since we were putting so much time into this blanket. (Originally I was going to use dark green flannel for one layer.)

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