Craft Birds on Branch with Bead Leaves

We are still unpacking and settling into our new place, and despite the fact I told myself I wouldn’t start any craft projects until we were completely unpacked, I couldn’t resist taking a break from unpacking yesterday and creating a quick little project using some decorative birds I found at the dollar store.

Originally I envisioned displaying this project as a mobile or wall hanging.

Bird Mobile

While I still think that this project would make a cute mobile, I ultimately decided to cut apart my branch  and place it in a decorative bird cage that we used as a card box at our wedding.

Craft Birds in CageWhich do you prefer?

First, I painted the craft birds with watercolor paints and iridescent watercolor medium.  (The birds came painted in pastels, but I wanted them to have darker, richer colors.)

Craft Bird

Second, I made 24 leaves.  For each leaf, I used a piece of 34 gauge gold colored wire and 39 green seed beads.  I strung two seed beads on the wire and passed the opposite end of the wire back through the second bead.

Making Bead leafI strung 18 beads on one end of the wire and 19 beads on the other.  I passed the side of the wire with 18 beads through the 19th bead on the other side of the wire.

Making Bead LeafI twisted the ends of the wire together and I wrapped the remaining wire around the ends of a branch to attach the leaves to the branch.

Bead LeafBead leaves on branchNext, I glued green rhinestones into flower sequins and glued the sequins and rhinestones to the branch in clusters.  I removed the wire from the craft birds and glued them to the branch.

Bird Mobile - Close up of leavesBird MobileFor the mobile, I attached clear string to the branch for hanging.

For the cage arrangement, I cut the branch into sections and placed it into a decorative bird cage (which I spray painted gold as part of an earlier project).

Craft birds in cageTo make this project, I used:Supplies

  •  Watercolor paints
  • Brush
  • Watercolor iridescent medium
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters and needle nose pliers
  • Rhinestones
  • Seed beads (I ended up only using one color)
  • 34 gauge gold colored wire
  • Flower sequins
  • 2 craft birds
  • Branch
  • Clear string (for hanging mobile)
  • Glue gun and glue
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