Confronting My Thanksgiving Fears

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!  I was a bit nervous about cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year as I had a somewhat traumatic Thanksgiving cooking experience last year.  Jaime and I hosted Thanksgiving for friends in our tiny DC apartment kitchen.  We made a full spread from scratch – turkey, ham, sweet potato rolls, baked sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, green beans, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin ice cream, and pumpkin and sweet potato pie – and our friends pitched in with a fruit and marshmallow salad, garlic mashed potatoes, quinoa with vegetables, and homemade cranberry sauce.  Everything was going really well – we had started cooking early and it looked like everything was going to be ready on time – when things suddenly took a turn for the worse.

Thanksgiving 2012Jaime was up on the roof cleaning off the patio furniture to bring inside (what can I say? seating was at a premium in our apartment) and I was making cream cheese frosting for the cupcakes.  I’ve made frosting more times than I can remember and it is not hard: cream cheese, butter, vanilla, and powdered sugar.  What could possibly go wrong you ask?

It turns out hand mixers are also “hand” beaters.  I didn’t realize the mixer had gotten flipped on in the cupboard and I was holding it (stupidly not by the handle) when I plugged it in.  My fingers immediate got jammed in the beaters and I couldn’t get my fingers, which were quickly turning purple, out of the beaters (or the beaters out of the mixer for that matter).  Jaime came back in from the roof to find me doubled over in pain and yelling for help.  We managed to eventually get my fingers out the mixer (it seemed like a very long time, but was probably only a minute or two) and into a bath of ice water.  We were debating whether I needed to go the emergency room when our guests arrived.  I ended up not going to the ER, although I did get my fingers checked by my doctor a couple of days later.  My fingers have since recovered, although they were numb for about six months, and I am now a whole lot more cautious around the hand mixer and always make sure that the mixer is off before I plug it in.

I am happy to report that there were no Thanksgiving mixer accidents at our house this year.  We hosted dinner for nine and didn’t need to break out the patio furniture. Definitely a success!

We simplified a bit this year and bought a precooked turkey breast, but, with some help from family, we made ham, sweet potato rolls, baked sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, green beans, mixed greens with pomegranates and candied pecans, red velvet cupcakes, and two different kinds sweet potato pie – and our family and friends pitched in with greens, green beans and potatoes, potato salad, pasta salad, pound cake, and tomato, basil and mozzarella salad.

ThanksgivingDid you cook for Thanksgiving? If so, I’d love to hear about what you made in the comments!

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