Recipe for Cherry & Yogurt Bran Muffins with Brown Sugar Butter Topping

Bran muffins aren’t usually high on my list of foods to seek out, but after having a particularly disappointing cardboard bran muffin in an airport I found myself craving a good bran muffin.  These muffins fit the bill. They are hearty, have a nice flavor, and the crunchy sweet topping contrasts nicely with the moist muffin.

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French Toast Recipe

This french toast recipe is a great way to use up day (or two) old bread.  I used a thick cut piece of Italian bread (left over from the previous evening’s takeout), but other thick cut loaves would also work.

For those of you beginning to wonder if Jaime and I only eat breakfast and dessert, we do eat other things.  I have been sharing a lot of recipes for baked goods on this blog because they are easier to photograph than a lot of other foods, which can look REALLY unappetizing if the lighting or color is off.  I’ve been practicing photographing a variety of foods (and we’ve been eating a lot of lukewarm meals as a result).  I hope to have a greater variety of recipes (with pictures!) to share with you soon.

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Coconut Cake Recipe

Jaime and I first had this coconut cake at the Peninsula Grill in Charleston, South Carolina, and it quickly became one of our favorite desserts.

We made sure to get a slice when we were in Charleston this past weekend and I may have kept the leftover on ice in our hotel room and eaten it for breakfast the next day. . . .  Hey, I was on vacation! And, if you are wondering why we had leftovers if the cake is so good, then check out this photo from the Peninsula Grill website and count the layers (six!).

Anyways, when I asked Jaime what type of cake he wanted for his birthday, he immediately asked for this coconut cake.  Since at the time we were living several hundred miles away from the Peninsula Grill simply purchasing a cake was not an option, so I was thrilled to find the recipe for this cake on the Martha Stewart website, “courtesy of Robert Carter from the Peninsula Grill, in Charleston, South Carolina.”  Score!

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Buttermilk Cherry “Doughnut” Muffins

My husband and I were at a home decor store the other night when he spotted a book on doughnuts.  We ultimately decided not to get the book as we know from past experience with a cake book that my mom gave Jaime that it is dangerous for us to have themed sweets recipe books around.  Despite not buying the book when we got home I couldn’t stop thinking about donuts so the next morning I decided to make some. I didn’t want to deep fry the doughnuts and we don’t have a doughnut pan so I baked these “doughnuts” in a muffin pan.  Cherry "Doughnut" Muffins Continue reading

Hot Air Balloon Cake and Recipe for Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Filling

I was very excited to pick up this month’s Martha Stewart Living and see an article, “A Cake Takes Shape,” on using sheet cakes to make animal shaped cakes.  A couple of months ago Jaime and I did something similar to make a hot air balloon cake for a baby shower.

Hot Air Balloon CakeI was tasked with making a hot-air balloon themed cake for a friend’s baby shower, a task that I delightfully accepted and then promptly roped my husband into.  I didn’t want to have to buy new pans for the cake, after all I didn’t see myself making many hot-air balloon themed cakes, so I made do with two basic 9” round pans and a 9 x 13” sheet pan. We had quite a bit of extra cake that we didn’t need for the balloon, that we happily ate.  You could probably make this with three 9″ rounds.

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Very Berry Bars

These bars always remind me of lazy summer days, trips to the farmer’s market, barbeques, and long evenings on the patio.  Bursting with fruit, I like them served warm or cold, with or without ice cream.

I often serve these at summer parties because these can be made a day or two in advance and kept in the fridge — although they will get soggy if left there too long — so I don’t have to heat up the kitchen with the oven the day of the party.  I have even been known to serve these at breakfasts (after all, they do have fruit . . . at least that’s what I tell myself).

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Jaime’s Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe

We are still unpacking, but today I wanted to share with you a southern inspired recipe.  Hopefully, we will be unpacked soon so that we can stop tripping over boxes get back to cooking and crafting.

Today I am very excited that my husband Jaime generously agreed to let me share his red velvet cake recipe (altered a bit to make red velvet cupcakes) and his easy cream cheese frosting recipe.  Many of Jaime’s friends request that he make his red velvet cake for celebrations and special occasions and he has been doing so for years.  But for the first year or so that we were dating, while I heard a lot about his red velvet cakes, I didn’t have the opportunity to try one.

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