DIY Wedding: Keeping It All Together (Belly Bands)

Our DIY invitations had a lot of of pieces so we wanted something to tie them all together.  Our solution? Belly bands.  Keeping with our DIY theme we made the belly bands ourselves.  These bands were a fairly quick project and helped make all of the pieces of our invitation into a cohesive whole.

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A Book Themed Baby Shower: DIY Alphabet Bookmarks

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  On Friday, I flew to New York to co-host two good friends’ baby shower.  I am so excited for them and had so much fun celebrating with them. I had enthusiastically volunteered to make the decorations for the shower and now that it is over I wanted to share some pictures of the decorations with you.

Alphabet BookmarksI found some cute napkins and trays at Target, and decided to use the colors in the napkins (blues and yellow-greens) as the colors for the shower. Continue reading

Vacation Photo Book

When I go on vacation I tend to take A LOT of photos, but when I get home my photos are usually relegated to the depths of my SD card or, if they are lucky, my hard drive. With all the post vacation tasks waiting for me when I get home–sorting and responding to email, catching up at work, unpacking from vacation, etc.–doing something with my photos is often simply not a priority.  I have tried to make vacation scrapbooks in the past, but never seem to be able to actually finish a book. (This is a pervasive problem as I have been married almost two years and I still haven’t gotten around to making my wedding album!)

For my recent California vacation (which I blogged about here and here) I decided to break this vicious cycle and create a quick photo book of vacation highlights.

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Vacation Crafting: Embossed Metal Drawing

Jaime and I were on vacation in Sonoma, Napa, and San Francisco last week. We are back home now, but I picked up a lot of good ideas for cooking and crafting during our vacation and I am looking forward to sharing some of them with you.  I’ll also be sharing some of the highlights from our time in California once I have had a chance to sort through my photos and get readjusted to East Coast time.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this simple craft that I did on our vacation.

Embossed Metal Drawing

Yes, I managed to unexpectedly get a bit of crafting in on our vacation.  Here’s how the serendipitous crafting happened:

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