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 “Beauty is . . . the promise of happiness.” – Stendal, De L’Amour (1822)

Welcome! My name is Marie.  I am a former big law attorney.  I enjoy making a mess crafting and cooking. I love sharing my creations with my family and friends.  Here is a picture of me as a sunflower (the costume is homemade, of course) circa 1984.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to cook and create things.  Some of my fondest childhood memories involve cooking and crafting with my family.

This picture is of me and my mom making pancakes (circa 1982).  This is still one of my all-time favorite recipes and I’ll share it soon.

After high school, however, I went away to college and then law school and my cooking and crafting fell by the wayside as I worked on other pursuits.  I rediscovered crafting, initially as a way to create a personalized wedding on a budget, a couple of years ago.  This photograph shows some of my DIY-wedding projects:


Photo by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios.

For my wedding I made flowers (roses and daisies), matchboxes, invitations, candy boxes, table numbers, a guest book, programs, escort cards and envelops, a hair flower, a garter, purses for my bridesmaids, and a veil*).  I plan to share many of these projects on this blog.

I went from having lots of DIY wedding projects to having none post-wedding.  Without any creative outlet I found myself somewhat restless.  I did, however, have a kitchen** full of snazzy new gadgets that my husband, Jaime, and I received as wedding gifts so we started cooking.

Fast forward a few months and on a drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina, my husband and I were discussing our dreams.  One of the things I identified was having a cooking and craft blog to share my love of these activities with others.  “So,” my husband said, “there’s nothing stopping you.”  Actually, I had a lot of what I thought were very good reasons stopping me, but when I said them out loud they didn’t sound as convincing as they did in my head.

This blog is a work in progress, but it’s a first step towards fulfilling my dream and sharing my projects with you, my family and friends or as my dad says, learning to follow my bliss.  So, please, make yourself comfortable and take a look around.

                                          Photo by Anant Raut (anant at raut dot org).                                                                          Jaime and me cheesing at our engagement photo shoot. 

*Well, the veil was more of a HYPD-project, (i.e., have your parents do it after you fail project).

**Actually that would be a walk-in closet as our kitchen gear is waaaay too much for our postage stamp sized DC apartment kitchen.

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About Me — 30 Comments

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  2. Dear Marie,

    I enjoyed your site and am excited about you and Jaime moving …. Can’t wait to meet you.


  3. I am so happy that you have launched this website. What a great thing to do! I look forward to sharing/trading recipes with you. Thank you for doing this!

  4. Hey Marie, this is awesome!! It looks so well done, the photography of the crafts looks amazing too (what camera did you use by the way?). I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations on your transition out of law and into academia and crafts ;-) I knew your artistic side had to come out one day ;-) ;-)

    Regarding the cooking and things, I am not what you call a chef, but I appreciate eating good food haha. Good luck with the blog, I’m really impressed that you’re doing this. It takes a lot of courage, kudos to you!!!

  5. Marie, this is wonderful! I’m bookmarking this and am looking forward to future installments. You are giving me great ideas to do on the weekends with our little crafters!

  6. Your website is awesome, I love it! I’m excited to see what is to follow and look forward to trying these amazing projects!

  7. Hi Marie!

    You did it! Congratulations starting your blog and spending more time doing things that bring you joy. I’ve been meaning to tell you that my bridesmaid purse matched perfectly to a dress I was wearing out to a party. I was so happy to have the chance to use it again! A girl can’t help but feel special carrying a “custom” accessory. Best wishes <3

  8. Marie! This is amazing!!!! After years of seeing all of your craft projects in person, it is fantastic to see them all in one place and publicly so that the world can see how amazing your many gifts are! Can’t wait to send your blog to all of my other crafty friends! Congratulations on your success so far!

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  10. Your site was recommended to me this evening so I came home and had alook around. Your wedding was beautiful! My next project will be that 6 layer Coconut Cake. I’ve never used that much butter at once…can hardly wait!!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Hi Joanna, Thanks so much for stopping by! That cake is one of my favorites. I’ll be posting my other favorite cake on Tuesday and hope you will stop by to check it out.


  11. How does one start a blog or a site like tis? This is amazing! Is this your business or release of your artistic talents.I love it . and would like to know how you took the small step to take on this whatt you call is in progress undertaking.

    • Hi Rosario, This blog is very much a work in progress. I don’t have any formal background in computers so pretty much everything you see on my blog was figured out through trial and error (and a lot of google searching). One day I hope to be able to sell some ad space on my blog to cover the costs of running it, but for now my payback is in the very nice comments I receive from readers. I always love hearing from people who have enjoyed my projects! Thanks for stopping by.


  12. I got teary eyed when I saw your childhood photos. You look just like my son when he was a little toddler. I love to do crafts and have to find time to take one on with my 40-50 hour a week job. My kids have fond memories of doing crafts with me and the photo with your mother is priceless. The joy on your face speaks volumes. I am going to try your pinecone trees in clay pots. It is just the right level of classy and cute. Great site and keep on crafting.

    San Francisco

    • Hi Milanda,
      Thanks for your sweet comment. Making time to craft is always an issue for me as well. I really enjoy it, but I also love my very time consuming job and finding a balance can be tough. I have fond memories of making crafts with my family.
      I’m been working on some other holiday crafts that can be done in an hour or two and will post them soon.
      Have a great Friday!

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