A Book Themed Baby Shower: DIY Alphabet Bookmarks

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  On Friday, I flew to New York to co-host two good friends’ baby shower.  I am so excited for them and had so much fun celebrating with them. I had enthusiastically volunteered to make the decorations for the shower and now that it is over I wanted to share some pictures of the decorations with you.

Alphabet BookmarksI found some cute napkins and trays at Target, and decided to use the colors in the napkins (blues and yellow-greens) as the colors for the shower.

NapkinsUsing a variety of colors that coordinated with those in the napkins (blues, greens, and yellows) made it easier for me to find coordinating items.  I already had some plastic serving bowls from Target that I bought a few years ago that coordinated with the napkin colors so we used those as well.

It was a co-ed book-themed baby shower and initially I thought that I would cut up some used children’s books to make the decorations.  It turned out that I didn’t have the heart to cut up children’s books so I went back to the drawing board and decided to base the decorations around the alphabet instead. (Only two book were used in the making of these decorations–dictionaries from the Dollar Tree.) I used the book pages along with blue, green, and yellow paint chips to make most of the shower decorations, including the bookmarks below.

ABC Bookmarks Although I made the bookmarks for a baby shower, I am already thinking of other ways to use these. I think these would make cute “MOM” and “DAD” bookmarks.

For each bookmark, I used two paint chips.  With my paper cutter, I cut the paint chips into 1.5 inch strips, making sure to cut off the paint names.

Making BookmarksI rounded the edges of the strips with scissors.

Strips of Paper for BookmarksI printed the alphabet on a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ paper in 92 point Times New Roman outline font.  For each bookmark, I placed a paint chip strip on top of a piece of carbon paper, with the carbon side of the carbon paper against the non-colored side/back of the paint chip. I placed the printed alphabet sheet on top of the paint chip and centered one of the printed letters on the card.

Tracing Letters on BookmarkI traced over the letter with an embossing tool to transfer an outline of the letter to the back on the paint chip.

Tracing Letter onto BookmarkI cut the letter from the paint chip using a craft knife.

Bookmark - Cut Out LetterI glued a small square of paper cut from the dictionary to the second strip to line up with the void.

Making BookmarkI then glued the two strips together.

BookmarkI made a small hole near the top of the bookmark with a craft knife and pushed an eyelet through the hole.  I then followed the directions on the eyelet package to set the eyelets.  Once the eyelets were set, I placed the bookmark on top of the dictionary that I was using for paper and hammered the back of the eyelet to further flatten it.

BookmarkI cut three pieces of ribbon, each twice the length of the bookmark.  I slipped the ribbons through the eyelet and knotted the ribbon. Over a sink of water, I very carefully melted the ends of the ribbons over a flame to keep them from fraying.

A BookmarkAlphabet BookmarksTo make the bookmarks, I used the following:

Supplies for Bookmarks

  • Paint chips (two per a bookmark)
  • Eyelet (one per a bookmark) and setting tools
  • Dictionary
  • Carbon paper
  • Ribbon
  • Paper cutter
  • Embossing tool
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Glue stick
  • Printed alphabet template


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A Book Themed Baby Shower: DIY Alphabet Bookmarks — 25 Comments

  1. Marie,
    These are amazing! I am pinning this now. What a great tutorial to follow too. These bookmarks would be perfect for a kids birthday favor too. Thanks for sharing at Creative Thursday. Have a great week.

    • Hi Amie, Thanks for hosting and for stopping by! I had a lot of fun making these. I really enjoy trying to think of ways to transform everyday items into something fun.


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  7. i absolutely love these bookmarks and was thinking of making some as a project if my own! I was just wondering if you cut out a letter of both sides or only one?

    • Hi Maddie, Sorry for the delay in my response. My new little one has been keeping my hands full. I made the bookmarks with a letter cutout on one side, but you could easily do a cutout on both sides. Enjoy!

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