Coffee Filter Orchids

Earlier this week I blogged about my re-blooming orchids and my recent visit to the U.S. botanic garden.  That post, while about one of my favorite types of flowers, admittedly related to neither cooking nor crafts.  After writing that post I started thinking about whether there were any orchid related projects that I could do (after all this is a craft and cooking blog) and came up with these coffee filter orchids.

Here is a side by side comparison of one of my real orchids (L) and a coffee filter one (R):

I think that these orchids would be nice on a gift in place of a bow, or incorporated into a boutonniere or a bouquet of coffee filter roses.

Coffee Filter Roses and Orchids

One of my orchids (not shown in the earlier post) is dropping its flowers.  I wanted my coffee filter orchids to look as real as possible so I dissected one of these dropped flowers to make a template.

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Re-blooming Orchids*

I wish I could say that I have discovered the secret to getting orchids to re-bloom, but I haven’t.  These orchids re-bloomed in spite of my somewhat inconsistent care.

Last year, after my orchids had finished blooming, I cut off the old stems about half way down.  I watered them about once a week in the sink so that they could drain properly and I even remembered to fertilize them (once), but mostly I just left them alone to do their thing.  Most of the year that thing was hanging out as a couple of leaves in a pot, but for a couple of weeks in exchange for me not forgetting to water them too often they rewarded me with this:

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DIY: Potted Paper Orchid

As you may have noticed, I’m a bit obsessed with paper flowers. While I love real flowers, they aren’t always practical as they are prone to wilting and can be expensive.

Even potted orchids, which are among my favorite house plants, eventually fade. A couple of years ago when a bloom fell off one of my orchids I used the fallen blossom to create a template to make coffee filter orchids.

Today’s project uses that same template, but replaces the coffee filters with double sided crepe paper.

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2012 Roundup

I like to spend a little time reflecting on the year that is drawing to a close.  Two thousand twelve brought many changes for me: I left a job, moved from Washington, DC to South Carolina, and started a new career.  Two thousand twelve also saw the start of this blog!

Throughout all of the changes that occurred this past year, I have very much enjoyed sharing craft projects and recipes with you, my readers, here on Scissors and Spoons.  I am grateful for all of the comments and inspiration that you have shared with me.  I am also grateful for each and every time that you have shared this blog with others. I have enjoyed visiting the blogs of many of the visitors who have commented on my posts.  I am very much looking forward to continuing to share my crafts and recipes with you in the new year!

Before it’s time to time to flip the calendars to 2013, I wanted to roundup my most viewed and favorite posts from 2012.

The most viewed craft posts on Scissors and Spoons were:

1.  DIY Salt Dough Snowflakes

DIY Salt Dough SnowflakesI made these salt dough snowflake ornaments to decorate my Christmas tree, but I love the look of salt dough so much that now that it is time to take down my Christmas tree, I am preparing some non-holiday salt dough decorations to share.

2. Recycled Calendar Origami Boxes

DIY Recycled Calendar BoxesTheses boxes were my first post on Scissors and Spoons.  As we welcome the new year, it is a great time to revisit this post and use calendars from 2012 to make pretty gift boxes.

3. DIY Paper Magnolias

DIY Paper Magnolias

I made these paper magnolias to mark the aforementioned move. I love this project because it can be made using simple materials — scissors, paper, and glue.

4.  DIY Paper Orchids

DIY Paper Magnolias

While my orchids are showing no signs of re-blooming this year (in contrast to last year), these paper orchids are still “in bloom.”

The most viewed recipe posts were:

1.  Jaime’s Red Velvet Cupcakes; and

Jaime's Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe2.  Banana Buttermilk Pecan Muffins.

Banana Buttermilk Pecan MuffinsMy two favorite posts–one craft and one recipe–were:

1.  Onion Skin Dyed Botanical Eggs; and

Onion Skin Dyed Botanical Eggs2.  the Black Forest Whipped Cream Cake Jaime surprised me with for my birthday.

Black Forest Whipped Cream CakeBest wishes for the new year!

Our DIY Wedding

A number of people have asked me how we made our DIY wedding projects and since these projects were one of the original motivations for this blog I figured I should probably get around to sharing some.  At the bottom of this page I have posted a list of our DIY wedding projects (as well as some additional DIY wedding and shower project ideas).  As I blog about my wedding projects, I plan to update the list with links to the posts explaining how Jaime and I made the projects.

Photo by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios.

Although there were some rough DIY moments leading up to our wedding–many of them involving sewing machine encounters–I really enjoyed making all of our wedding projects and would do it again. I will say, however, that the projects took much longer than I anticipated.  Jaime worked by my side on almost every project and as a result we had a lot of time to talk–and watch back-to-back episodes of Law & Order.  We also got to spend a lot of time with family and friends who very generously volunteered their precious free time to make a veil, paint invitations, address envelopes, make leaves, sew programs, and arrange flowers (coffee filter and real), among other things.  (Thank you all again! We couldn’t have done it without you.)  The time spent with loved ones working on our projects was a huge benefit of having a DIY wedding that I hadn’t anticipated.

We hosted our wedding and reception at Red Butte Gardens & Arboretum in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I have many pleasant memories of time spent at Red Butte as a child and so was excited to share the gardens with Jaime and our friends.  Our wedding took place in the fragrance garden under a clear blue sky and a canopy of leaves accompanied by the music of a family friend’s jazz trio.

Photo by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios.

My dad accompanied me down the garden walkway, my mom and Jaime’s mom helped light the unity candles, and my brother, Jaime’s sister, and a good friend did a reading.

The reception was divided between a large outdoor patio (where we had a bar, DJ, and dance area) and an orangerie (where we had the buffet, escort, guest book, card, and cake tables).

Photo by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios.

I had been a bit worried that the guest tables would look empty as we were having a buffet, but all of our wedding projects filled out the tables nicely.

Photo by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios.

Each table had a square vase of real flowers (arranged by one of my parent’s friends), votive candles, and a hand painted table number as a center pieces.

Photo by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios.

Each place setting had, in addition to the obligatory utensils and napkins, a green champagne flute, a candy box, a matchbox, and a paper rose. The guest book table had the pages for the guest book, floral clipboards, signs with instructions, and bouquets of coffee filter flowers. The escort card table had gold butterfly envelopes and bouquets of coffee filter flowers.  The escort cards, which had a photo of the coffee filter roses as the background, doubled as photo information cards. The card table had more coffee filter flowers and a birdcage I spray painted gold and filled with coffee filter roses.  A rotating video of family photos played on a small TV nearby. The outside cocktail tables had more coffee filter flowers.

Photo by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios.

I wore one accessory that my parents made (my veil) and two accessories that I made (my hair piece and garter) and my bridesmaids carried purses that I made (my first sewing project!).

We worked with our caterer to try to incorporate as many additional personal touches as possible, which included a family recipe (sweet potato dinner rolls), southern touches (sweet tea, lemonade, a signature southern cocktail, and red velvet cake), the printing of the food labels on color photocopies of our hand painted stationary, and butterflies on the cake to match our stationary.

Speaking of stationary, we designed and made our own wedding invitation suite and programs.  It was A LOT of work as we water colored each piece by hand. We estimate that we painted over 1,000 pieces of paper not counting the few hundred paper roses we made.

Photo by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios.

 Yes, I realize that the red roses beneath the cake do not match the rest of our decor.  I’m not sure what happened as we had ordered white, but it was a minor hiccup and I didn’t even realize that they were red until we got our pictures.

Jaime surprised me with his own secret DIY project of sorts — a video message and song from my favorite husband and wife musical duo, Tuck and Patti.

Photo by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios.

And, well, that’s pretty much it as far as our DIY wedding projects go. We had a blast at our reception, which involved A LOT of dancing to Michael Jackson songs.  (Sorry, no pictures. I’d like to keep my friends.)

Here is a list of our DIY projects.  If you are looking for information regarding any of our DIY wedding projects, I plan to add links to the posts explaining how we did each of these projects as they are added to this blog:

  1. Watercolor wedding invitations
  2. Belly bands
  3. Lined envelopes (not the envelopes we used for our wedding, but the technique)
  4. Addressing envelopes
  5. Watercolor & stitched programs
  6. Stamped cocktail napkins
  7. Table numbers
  8. Escort cards and envelopes
  9. Recycled paper favor boxes
  10. Matchboxes
  11. Guestbook
  12. Floral clipboards
  13. Coffee filter flowers: roses, daisies, leaves, bridal photo bouquet, toss bouquet, and table arrangements
  14. Veil
  15. Hair flower
  16. Garter
  17. Bridesmaids’ purses
  18. Wedding photo gallery wall
  19. Wedding silhouettes

And, here are some projects that I have made for this blog, which I did not use at my wedding, but which I think could be adapted for a wedding or bridal shower:

1.  Coffee filter orchids

Coffee Filter Orchids








2.  Paper magnolias

3.  Paper and tape butterflies

3.  Chrysanthemum flower cupcakes

Flower Cupcake Decorations