Banana Buttermilk Pecan Muffin Recipe

I had a couple of very overripe bananas so I set out to find a recipe in which to use them.  I adapted this recipe from a Williams-Sonoma recipe for banana buttermilk muffins.  I substituted brown sugar for the sugar and pecans for the walnuts, and added cinnamon.  The resulting muffins were not too sweet or banana heavy and had a nice crunch due to the pecans.  Even Jaime, who normally does not like bananas, enjoyed these banana nut muffins.

Buttermilk Banana Pecan MuffinsBanana Buttermilk Pecan Muffins

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Orange Cinnamon Muffin Recipe

These muffins are so good!  They take a bit more work than standard muffins as they have a gooey cinnamon brown sugar filling, a crunchy streusel topping, and a sweet orange glaze, but I think the extra work is worth it.  These muffins would be a great for a Father’s Day Brunch or other special occasion.  I know I’d love to wake up to the sweet, cinnamon aroma of these coffee-cake like muffins.

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DIY Decoupage Collage Plate

Today I’ll show you how I transformed an inexpensive clear glass plate into a beautiful, unique piece of art using scraps of paper.

To make this decoupage collage plate, I raided our recycling bin and glued scraps of paper cut from old catalogs to a sheet of paper, which I then affixed to a glass plate using acrylic medium.  This plate is for decorative use only.  The plate is not washable as it is made with paper!

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Recipe for Cherry & Yogurt Bran Muffins with Brown Sugar Butter Topping

Bran muffins aren’t usually high on my list of foods to seek out, but after having a particularly disappointing cardboard bran muffin in an airport I found myself craving a good bran muffin.  These muffins fit the bill. They are hearty, have a nice flavor, and the crunchy sweet topping contrasts nicely with the moist muffin.

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